Saturday, September 29, 2007


Sent in by HT and here is the story:

I was called to check on activity at this house, mainly in one bedroom. As an example, the lady of the house felt her husband crawl into bed behind her, but when she turned, there was no one there. The bed and this portait came from from an auction. In the reflection you can clearly see a man sitting, reading a newspaper. The only thing is, I was the only one in the room, and I had my camera up to my face.
Picture was taken with an IR filter.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sent by Regan Lee. She writes:

I took this photo in the cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery) at the University of Oregon campus. The photo is about eight years old.

I've been to really only one cemetery that was negative and truly gave off a bad "haunted vibe." The U of O campus cemetery isn't like that; I feel the presence of spirits, it's strong in some places, but never a heavy or negative feeling. I know it sounds silly, but a lot of people walk through that place every day, and have for years, and I've always had the feeling the cemetery -- the spirits -- like that. Anyway, here's the photo for whatever it's worth.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let it Begin!

I will be accepting photos for the contest starting now and until October 14.

Photos will be posted at this blog, stories of where the photo was taken and any other information is appreciated. Also, if you enter a photo and have a ghost related site I will be happy to link to it.

The winner will receive a Amazon gift certificate for $40. To second and third place just honorable mention.

Voting will take place from October 15th - October 30th with the winner to be announced on Halloween. However, if there is a tie for 1st place voting will continue until there is a winner.

Photos from the first contest are not eligible. Also, if I find someone stole a photo from someone else's website or entered a photos that is not their own without permission, it will be disqualified. Obviously I can't know if a photo is fake and I will leave that determination up to the voters. I am not sure how Amazon works, but the gift certificate will be in US funds and I am not sure if that would work for someone in a foreign country. So anyone not in the US might want to check that out before they send in a photo to make sure they could claim their prize if they won.

I may place a pollhost poll when voting begins just for fun, but for votes to be counted they will have to be emailed to me. That way I can be sure there is no cheating.

Photos and questions can be emailed to me at the address in the sidebar.

Coming Very Soon - Ghost Photo Contest 2

It has been over a year since the last one ended. At first I had thought to delete this blog, but it continued to attract visitors. Now with Halloween coming up it seems a shame to do nothing with it, so in a few days I will start a new contest. This one will not be in collaboration with SciFi Channel, but there will be some sort of prize for the winner and honorable mentions for 2nd and 3rd place.
More details in coming days.