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Last Day of Voting

Voting ends at midnight. If you haven't done it yet, please email me decogrl@yahoo.com with your vote.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Time to Vote

First check out all 18 photos, you will have to click on the April and May archives to view all. Then email me with the number of your favorite photo. It is that easy. Voting will end midnight of June 6th so do it soon!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Photo #18 - With Story

The story with photo -

Please let me preface this by saying that I am not a religious person. My Mom and Stepfather were vacationing in LasVegas with my Aunt and Uncle. At the time, my uncle was in the final stages of hepatic cancer. After lunch, my mom had my stepfather take a digital photo of she and my aunt and uncle. Immediately after the shot was taken, my uncle turned to my Mom and said, "this might be my last picture!" A short time later, after returning to their hotel, my uncle had to be rushed to the hospital he passed away a few hours later. When my folks returned home from the vacation, upon reviewing the shots downloaded from the camera, they were unable to explain the mysterious glow that seems to only encapsulate my Uncle. They forwarded me the shot. I am a Forensic Videographer. I cleaned up the image and I too cannot explain the glow. Angel of Death, ghost, whatever it is, it remains unexplained. I am sending you the shot as I received it and the enhancement I made.

This is the enhanced version you can enlarge it by Clicking here
I don't notice much difference, but the original can be found Here

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Don't forget to click on the April and May archives for more photos.
Once again, thanks to everyone who has sent in a photo!

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Photo #10 - Taken by motion detector camera

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Photo #9 - Orb

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Just for fun

The person who took this photo lives in South Africa and sent it is just for fun. To enlarge Click Here

Monday, May 01, 2006

Just a note

I want to thank all those who have sent in photos! I have been busy and have not been able to email everyone, so if I haven't emailed you I want you to know that I do thank you for adding your photo!

Photo #8

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Photo #7 Ghost in mirror

Photo taken during a ghost hunt at a haunted house.
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Photo #4 - Archer Woods Forest Preserves 2

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Photo #3 - Archer Woods Forest Preserves 1

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Ghost Hunters - Ghost Photo Contest

Have you ever captured what may be a unearthly spirit on a photo? The Debris Field, Scifi Channel and Ghost Hunters bring you the Ghost Photo contest. To enter you must have a photo of a ghost (or what could be a ghost) and reside in the US. This contest will run from April 28th, 2006 through May 28th, 2006. At the end of contest everyone will be allowed to vote on their 3 favorite photos to decide the winners. Voting will be from May 29th, 2006 through June 6th, 2006. Photos will be posted at http://thedebrisfield.blogspot.com and http://ghostphotocontest.blogspot.com/.
To enter email your photo to decogrl@yahoo.com, photos accepted only by email.
Prizes are as follows -
1st place - A Ghost Hunters season 1 DVD collection and Ghost Hunters keyring
2nd place - A Scifi Channel t-shirt and Ghost Hunters keyring
3rd place - A Scifi Channel t-shirt

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