Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ghost Hunters - Ghost Photo Contest

Have you ever captured what may be a unearthly spirit on a photo? The Debris Field, Scifi Channel and Ghost Hunters bring you the Ghost Photo contest. To enter you must have a photo of a ghost (or what could be a ghost) and reside in the US. This contest will run from April 28th, 2006 through May 28th, 2006. At the end of contest everyone will be allowed to vote on their 3 favorite photos to decide the winners. Voting will be from May 29th, 2006 through June 6th, 2006. Photos will be posted at and
To enter email your photo to, photos accepted only by email.
Prizes are as follows -
1st place - A Ghost Hunters season 1 DVD collection and Ghost Hunters keyring
2nd place - A Scifi Channel t-shirt and Ghost Hunters keyring
3rd place - A Scifi Channel t-shirt

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