Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ghost Adventures - USS Hornet

Episode Description:

The USS Hornet is called a floating coffin. It was one of the most decorated aircraft carriers in World War II , and it saw numerous battles. The USS Hornet and her crew were responsible for taking down over 1,000 aircraft and sinking 76 ships. War was an awful place, and the Hornet had the unfortunate honor of the highest suicide rate of any ship in the Navy.

Although the ship is now resting peacefully in San Francisco, many people believe the spirits of the crew are still fighting the war. The sick bay is home to countless claims of paranormal happenings. One visitor plays an EVP of someone screaming, "GET OUT!"

Between the pain of war, the cramped quarters, and the length of time these men spent at sea, there is plenty reason for their spirits and energy to linger on the ship. One of the best examples of evidence the boys catch is the voice of a man yelling, "RUN," like he was under attack on the ship.

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Zak's Message About the USS Hornet

Floating Coffin, USS Hornet

Zak's tips on Paranormal Investigating

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