Friday, December 04, 2009

Ghost Cases travels to the UK

In the upcoming episode of Ghost Cases, Paul and Holly travel to the UK and investigate paranormal activity at the Lion and Swan hotel. Aside from the paranormal, they made me remember how small most UK hotel rooms are. :)

Within the hotel witnesses have seen ghosts, most especially a man and a dog. Yes, a ghost hound!!! Although, really the ghosts are kind of besides the point because the real paranormal focus is a cursed painting of a rather pretty and scantly clad woman.

I didn't quite get why the painting was cursed, but the legend is that is that if the painting is moved someone will die. So what did Paul Kimball do? Come on, you can guess. If you guessed that he moved it and touched it, you are correct!

Actually, I think Paul has removed my writers block and given me something to write about for Grey Matters next week and the theme will be - why we should respect the paranormal. Heck, I don't believe in every paranormal thing, but that doesn't seem to matter. I think as long as there are people that believe in it you are tempting fate to totally disregard it. Maybe it just has to do with consciousness, more so than spirits, demons or curses, but people do need to respect what we refer to as the paranormal.

So by that you probably know that someone did die. You can scoff and write it off as coincidence if you wish, but given the small amount of people that were probably involved in the investigation I would bet that the odds of something like that happening aren't that great.

So anyway, if you are in Canada, I am pretty sure you won't want to miss this episode of Ghost Cases. Ghost Cases airs of Eastlink TV (I believe this episode airs on Dec 6th) and you can find out more about it here.

Happy Hunting!


Paul Kimball said...


Some people will probably think that I'm just acting at the end of the episode, but I'm 100% sincere when I say that I had second thoughts about the episode for quite some time afterwards.

Yes, almost certainly a coincidence. "Almost" being perhaps the key word.

Glad you liked it. :-)


Dave Sadler said...

As a realist in the subject, and having shared the coincedence that took place, I'll back PK 100% and add I'm still scratching my head 7 months on...

Dave Sadler.

Lesley said...

Hi Dave! Nice to meet you!

I would be scratching my head too. It is something I would want to believe is coincidence, but you can never know for certain.

Dave Sadler said...

Nice to meet you too. twas all very bizarre, you see Paul and I joking about, the next morning we were gobsmacked....

Paul Kimball said...

First, let me just say that "gobsmacked" is one of my favourite words. Ever. :-)

Second, Dave Sadler and the UPIA are the real deal - they should have their own show.

Third, I still think it was just a horrible coincidence. However, perhaps the term "coincidence" is just another way of saying "we don't have a f***in' clue."


Steve Mera said...

As part of the UPIA team that have been investigating cases for around 25 years now, I have come across 'some' coincidences. My rational mind tells me that it is nothing more than a profound coincidence but taking all into consideration, I just don't know. It's a bit scarey to believe in such things, but nevertheless, it happened. We were all shocked and upset. A truly pround incident that has left me rather perplexed...

Steve Mera - Parapsychologist UPIA.