Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This week on Ghost Adventures

Hi Lesley,

This Friday, the guys are heading to the rough neighborhoods of east LA to investigate the Linda Vista Hospital. There was so much gang violence in the 1990's that Linda Vista had a surprisingly high death toll.

You will get to see Nick more afraid than you have ever seen him on an episode of Ghost Adventures (though I won't spoil the fun and tell you why).

I've included some advance info about the episode and a link to a video clip below. Feel free to share this info with friends, readers, or other fans of the show! Have a great evening!

Episode info:

Hospitals are for the sick and dying. For many, Linda Vista was their last stop before heading to the morgue. Linda Vista, located in the heart of east LA, is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Los Angeles. When you consider the rough neighborhood surrounding the hospital, it is no surprise that the hospital had a high death toll.

Before the investigation, Zak visits the incineration room, where the bodies of the dead were burned. While examining the room he comes across what looks like a bone fragment or a tooth from one of the hospital's patients.

Most the hospital looks the same way it did when it was closed down because it was abandoned so quickly after being shut down. The guys believe that when a place is left so quickly, and looks so similar to the way it did when people died, they location is more likely to be haunted

The guys do not leave disappointed. They capture voices in the middle of the day, and later in the investigation Nick gets one of the worst scares in his life!


Sneak Peek Clip:

Tune-in info:

Linda Vista Hospital: Friday, December 11th, at 9 E/P on Travel Channel.


Steve said...

That hospital is a spooky place. It is mainly used as a filming location these days. The pilot episode of the series ER was filmed there and the Scottish band Garbage used it in their video for the single Bleed Like Me.
The video is on youTube if you want to check it out.

The movie Boo (2005) was also filmed there. I have the DVD and it also includes a documentary about the making of the film. Apparantly some pretty strange things happened while the cast and crew were filming. Like I said: spooky place.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...