Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ghost Adventures - Gettysburg This Friday!

Episode Description:
They say that you can see the soldiers continuing to wage civil war on the historic battlefields of Gettysburg, PA. Over 150,00 Americans fought here in one of the largest battles in US history. This is why the Ghost Adventures team will be investigating Gettysburg on the anniversary of the historic battle.

There are so many haunted buildings in Gettyburg that Zak, Nick, and Aaron will be doing a three part lockdown. The first part takes place at the Soldiers National Museum, a museum and historic orphanage where children were beaten and abused. It was a surprising to hear that such a horrifying place is stuck righto the middle of a place known for violence and carnage. Rosa Carmichael, the owner of the orphanage, was known to hate children and punished them by chaining them to the wall and putting them in confinement.

The second part of the lockdown is at the Jennie Wade house. Jennie was hiding at her sister's house during the battle. Once the fighting had died down she thought it would be okay to make food for the family. She was killed in the kitchen by a bullet from a confederate soldier that had missed it's target. She was the only civilian to have died during the battle.

The third part of the Gettysburg lockdown is at the Engine House where the first battle of Gettysburg took place. The engine house is not as old, but the ground it is built upon truly tingles your spine. It is said that as the train tracks were laid workers were digging up human skulls.

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what was jennie wade's fiance's name?