Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ghost Adventures - Rolling Hills Asylum This Friday!

In Bethany, NY there is a place where the homeless, drunkards, and criminally insane were sent. The building known as the Rolling Hills Asylum, built in 1827, became a stew pot of tragic cases of abuse and mistreatment. The building also served as a poor house, where mothers and children who could not support themselves were housed under the same roof as pedophiles and mental health sufferers. There have been over 1,200 documented deaths in the asylum, but those are just the deaths that have been accounted for.

One of these cases involved a patient named Roy who suffered from giantism. Roy's father was a prominent banker, and he dropped his son off at the Rolling Hills Asylum when he was just twelve years old. Roy spent 50 years living in the asylum and eventually died there. In the years since, there have been numerous claims from visitors to the asylum that they saw a hulking seven foot tall figure walking the halls.

On top of the tragic abuse and dark history surrounding the asylum, there is a notoriously evil nurse. Nurse Emmy is infamous for her mistreatment of the patients in Rolling Hills. However, she is also said to have practiced dark magic inside the building. She was a member of an occult group that still exists today. When you group her story in with the rest of the dark events in this building's past, you can be sure that Zak, Nick, and Aaron are in for a night they won't soon forget.

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destiny said...

names destiny,
i have been such a big fan for ghost adventures, i just saw the new episode and i got to say best ever, most amazing place in the world, i wish i could have been there with the ghost adventures crew during their lock down at rolling hills asylum, someday i would love to be just like Zak bagans, he is an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

Zac Bogus,Nick and Zac are hilarious,especially the part....Quit running! LMAO!
I would spend the night in any haunted house they visit,and eat popcorn,and chill! I am from Michigan too!Ghost? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

How do they know this nurse Emmy was a Satanist/Dark magic user...because people DECADES later went to this abandoned place and painted hexagrams? This nurse was evil, but seems as though they just fish at times. ROY'S FATHER (wrest his soul) IS A JERK! IF ROY WAS MY KID I'D DEAL WITH HIM BEING TALL. JEEZ, HOW SH*TTY CAN PEOPLE BE...HE WAS BANKER HE HAD MONEY.